Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Leg of Training

They said that the first day of the first week would be the most trying training days. I dont know how so many people agreed to this idea, but I have realized just the opposite. Im counting down the days until hut movein on November 10th! Although I make a fool of myself in perhaps a time released manner throughout the day, I am learning to speak Pulaar to some degree and melting into this corny joke-telling, greet-happy culture.
I dont mean to alarm anyone at home, but I have passed another small milestone that less fortunate volunteers found much earlier. After reminding chants of Toubob, rocks were thrown by little African schoolboy arms over the cement walls of our garden. No, It doesnt get more intense than that. Noone was was hit or retaliated too greatly. There are two things I seem to dislike more with every passing day. 1. Dirty, Sticky handed annoying children. 2. Rice or all food served to me in general.

Our group of ~50 went to Dakar for paperwork and more important things like putting our pictures on the face of Senegal and indulging in president attributed ice cream.

Friday, October 21, 2011

6 weeks in

We walk by this wall everyday on the way to our garden.
I feel like pumba.

and this is my beloved gardening crew at our CBT Site in Mbour
Kids make forts everywhere.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping in Touch

I have heaping piles of new info to share with my small interest group outside of Africa and not enough time to spell it all out. I have received a few magicjack voice messages (254 742 6044) from home that add a little sparkle into my day because there is just something warming about fond and familiar voices.
The heat and sand have not killed me or my electronics yet, but in due time Im sure we will both falter. I havenùt been very reliable with my updates, but I honestly want to focus on the crazy things that Ive gotten myself into here.
Daily Jokes:
1.Do you have a
husband (i cant find the question mark on this keyboard!) Well then marry me and take me to America. This comes up on the daily.
2. Take my babies to America.
Wow, I can get a complete set just like that.
3. I dont have money. Youre American, you must be rich...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More training

I just got back from my volunteer visit in my newly assigned region, Kolda. I have to say that they stratigically put this trip at the halfway mark of training not only to tease us with a beaufitul and lush village, but also remind us of how little Pulaar we can speak in the real world.

Im officially stoked about rolling out into the sticks on my bike and getting my hands dirty (and not from the filthy children). I was right to stress about having one well servicing a community of 470 that is inconveiniently located on the other side of the village. Sounds like project numero uno.
Im running out of cyber time, Much love!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Site announcement

Finally the blind folds have been removed and our site assignments have been revealed. Literally. I'm going to Kolda! I'll be in the village of Saare Meta.
How exciting. My electricity-free thatch roof hut without running water is going to be... Life altering. or so I expect.
I'm the first volunteer in this village, which is nerve-racking, but also leaves endless project opportunities. Speaking of projects, I think my first means of business has to include installing another well. I have to walk across several compounds and into the med area to fetch water right now. Water, the single most important commodity in my life, is required for the obvious drinking, bucket bathing, and let's not forget watering my baby plants. My strength and sanity will be tested continuously.