Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Official PC Trainee

After a threatening east-coast huricane, I was shipped off to the tourist friendly capitol, D.C. I was immediately at ease and comforted when I met all of the other volunteers. There is almost this unexplainable commonality in the air and finally... there are 54 other people that have been freaking out, questioning as well as answering concerned questions from family, and meandering between the excitement of a journey in a completely new environment and the equal fear of this new place, Senegal.

We had a surprisingly laidback orientation at the capitol, to which I have never been before. Between our group ice breaker activities, shots! (no, no, I mean the needle), and stuffing ourselves full of the last fatty American food for a while, we were actually able to relax and walk around D.C. The botanical gardens were the perfect that sight before departure.

3 hours in the airport + 8 hours on the plane + 2 hours driving to the Thies Training center = a long and confusing day for my body. I for the first time ever took 2 naps in the same DAY.

What I've learned about Senegal:
1. Its the most muggy country Ive ever been in (rainy season)
2. People will do/sell anything for money
3. They know the way around the kitchen! mmm.
4. I would die if I tried to drive here.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Contact Information:

Here is my training address:
PCT Jessica Cochran
Corps de la Paix
B.P. 299
Thies, Senegal
West Africa

MagicJack Phone Number:
(254) 742-6044
This is a local Texas number that you can reach me at OR leave a pleasant voice-mail for me to find! The trick is that I will have to have a steady internet connection to place calls, so we will soon see how reliable it is!

Senegalese Number:
" 011 (221) 77 360 5903 "

E-mail Address:

and find me on Skype!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Locks of LOVE

I did it!! I may have lost a few pounds in a few minutes!! After investing years and slaving over two-a-day maintanance calls at the mercy of my brush, shampoo, and showerhead, I decided to donating more than a foot of my hard-grown hair.
I've been googling images of short/pixie hair for the last six months, but finally got the nerve up to try it myself now that my departure date is less than a month away! Africa!