Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Donate & prospective haircuts

I have a full head of hair that reaches down to my bellybutton. I think now would be an opportune time to donate a good foot of it, to allow a few wigs to a few lucky people if I do say so myself. It might also be the only time that I get enough nerve up to go through with it!
Here are a few ideas:

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook Group: Peace Corps Senegal 2011!

I recently joined a Facebook group for volunteers that are focused in agriculture, departing for Senegal in August! I'm happy to have communication with the group members, but I think Ill have plenty of time to get cozy with them during training. ^-^
I have also been a very important ebay/amazon customer during the last month. I have invested in the following:
USB Cable for Camera
12 Cell Battery for my lappy
Columbia Jacket
Cotton TravelSheet
Nalgene Stainless Bottle
Backup Battery Charger for iPhone4
USB Cable Power Adapter
Moleskine notebook
Gerber Mini Pliers Tool
I'm still having a dilemma with solar chargers. 1.) will I actually use it? 2.) will it work adequately? 3.) ugh, I dont know about this.

When all of these items and countless more walmart purchases have to be crammed into 2 suitcases with piles of outdoorsy clothes, Im really going to be in a pickle. An update to follow!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I love finding exciting little packages in that little shiny box with a key. Obviously I received my CHACOS today, which I already adore. They are truly the first shoes that provide adequate arch support. I can hardly wait to use them in the field!
I also made my last dental rounds to see about getting my monstrous wisdom teeth out before embarking to Africa. It sounds like a solid plan to me.