Sunday, November 4, 2012

403 Days of Senegal

     Its been one year since my swear-in as a volunteer. I now would like to present myself as an upperclassman Agfo volunteer, which does not embody all of the characteristics that I put on the all knowing volunteers before me. I assumed they had it all together, somehow mastered the language, and had all their trees in a row. Now that I am in their dusty shoes- quite literally since Ally gifted just gifted me her chacos at the end of her service, I realize that there is still a degree of chaos and uncertainty, I still speak a very broken Pulaar, and work is still as difficult as ever. The thing is this is all okay and normal.
     The difference that I have found in this stretch is the basic understanding of how a lot of things work. Im comfortable and its that simple. I understand my work along with the tremendous amount of energy required to accomplish anything and Im happy to reach out to this land that Im more often then not fond of.

Summary: I am happy.